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Name changes in the Oncidium Group--September 2004

       The orchid registrar has made a number of changes to the list of registered hybrids which have resulted in a re-assignment of genus names to more than 2200 hybrids in the Oncidium group, or just under 20% of the total registrations in this group.  For example, two species formerly treated as Miltonia , Milt. schroederiana and Milt. warscewiczii, have been transferred to Oncidium as Onc. schroederianum, and Onc. fuscatum.   This change results in a change of genus for the well known and highly awarded hybrid Colmanara Wildcat among others, which is now called Odontocidium Wildcat. 

      All of the equitant Oncidium species have been segregated out under the genus Tolumnia.  The species changing to Tolumnia are:

Tolu. arizajuliana (syn. Onc. arizajulianum); Tolu. bahamensis (syn. Onc. bahamense); Tolu. berenyce (syn. Onc. berenyce); Tolu. calochila (syn. Onc. calochilum); Tolu. caribensis (syn. Onc. caribense); Tolu. compressicaulis (syn. Onc. compressicaule); Tolu. concava (syn. Onc. concavum); Tolu. cunelabia (syn. Onc. cunelabium); Tolu. gauntlettii (syn. Onc. gauntlettii); Tolu. guianensis (syn. Onc. guianense, Onc. desertorum); Tolu. guibertiana (syn. Onc. guibertianum; Tolumnia lemoniana subsp. guibertiana); Tolu. haitiensis (syn. Onc. haitiense); Tolu. henekenii (syn. Onc. henekenii, Hispaniella henekeni,); Tolu. leiboldii (syn. Onc. leiboldii); Tolu. lemoniana (Onc. lemonianum); Tolu. lucayana (syn. Onc. lucayanum); Tolu. moiriana (syn. Onc. moirianum); Tolu. prionochila (syn. Onc. pri­onochilum); Tolu. pulchella (syn. Onc. pulchellum); Tolu. quadriloba (syn. Onc. quadrilobum); Tolu. scandens (syn. Onc. scandens); Tolu. sylvestris (syn. Onc. sylvestre); Tolu. tetrapetala (syn. Onc. tetrapetalum); Tolu. triquetra (syn. Onc. triquetrum); Tolu. urophylla (syn. Onc. urophyllum); Tolu. variegata (syn. Onc. variegatum); Tolu. velutina (syn. Onc. velutinum, Onc. variegatum var. velutinum, Onc. variegatum subsp. velutinum).

Lastly, Onc. onustum has been changed to Zelenkoa onusta in the registry.

Since these changes impact on so many hybrid names, we have compiled the complete list of hybrid names that have changed as a result of these revisions in rich text format.  The list can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:  Oncidium Changes.





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